These tampons look like they'd be fancy gum.

The problem with no one watching live TV anymore is that when a rare, great commercial is made – no one else ever sees it! That’s why bloggers come in and try to show you the funny commercial on youtube or something. I’ve done it before, and I’m doing it again! But watch out boys, because it’s about a topic you act like little girls about. That’s right. Tampons.

There’s new Kotex commercials for “U by Kotex” and one is ESPECIALLY LOLTZY. And it’s not even the one from Australia where there’s a Beaver puppet and they tell you take care of your beaver. Seriously.

Also – do you guys remember the tampon print ads that used to be in Teen and Seventeen back in the 90’s? The ones that were always cartoons, and had just black and white on a purple or pink background? I miss those.

Four Ridic Commercials to Watch:

“Hi, I’m a believable attractive 18 to 24 year old female. You can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous. … Don’t all these angles make me seem dynamic? Now I’m going to tell you to buy something. Because I’m wearing white pants. And I have great hair. And you wish you could be me.”

“I like to twirl, maybe in slow motion. And I do it in my white spandex.” This actress sounds and looks like Shiri Appleby a little.

The Kotex Beaver has arrived!

And he won’t go away.