One can only hope this is yet another ABC series that will fade silently into the night of quick cancellations. (See also: 666 Park Avenue.)


If this was an 80 minute movie starring Charlize Theron as our faultless heroine, and Andy Garcia as our big bad villain… this would be a movie worth seeing for a fun way as passing a Friday night while gorging on Milk Duds. As it stands, the pilot presentation of Red Widow took up two hours on the ABC slot this Sunday night. Two hours where nothing much happened. …And it takes a lot to make death, jail, mob deals and gun play feel like “nothing much.”

That was how boring this TV show was.

It’s a shame that ABC already axed one of their best shows, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. Because was actually good.

This, this is nothing.

If you watched, tell us…what did you think?