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Photo: BRAVO

RHOBH – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Tonight, Yolanda’s “Dream Team” bonded together in a> dinner at SUR. Which means that Joyce was left out. But Lisa tried her best to be sweet, and invited a few of Jocelyn’s friends so she wouldn’t feel so left out. But there needn’t be any worry about if Joyce would act out, because Brandi was the one (once again) who was out of line. Lisa went as far to say that she thought Brandi was in the wrong, but she didn’t want to tell that to her face. Because, alliances have been made! It’s Game of Thrones, or something.

Joyce looks very sweet, and beautiful, but she’s not one who’s going to shut up and be put in a corner. Brandi seems fairly jealous about another girl coming in who looks younger, hotter, and prettier. That’s the role Brandi had for a while. So, now Brandi is certain that Joyce is the reason for everything going wrong in her life.

After ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ aired, a new episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ aired. This allowed viewers to see what was going on “behind the scenes” during the dinner party with Lisa’s friends. But I couldn’t watch much, because when one these ladies started singing in a pitchy voice and comparing herself to Ke$ha, I wanted to stab the TV. And my TV is too nice to stab.

Kim, these days, has a storyline about how she’s obsessed with her dog who isn’t very obedient. She’s kind of out of her mind, and it seems difficult that BRAVO is going to want to keep Kim on for another season if these are the kinds of stories she’s going to present.
On the other end of the spectrum, we have Carlton. She’s full of stories and plots for us to watch with our mouths agape. It’s not enough that she is making a room entirely for sex. Now, she takes her mother-in-law to shop for sexy outfits at the Hustler store. After a lap dance from Carlton to M-I-L, it’s time to leave.
Yolanda and David Foster have an anniversary dinner. There’s a pimple, but Brandi (“B!”) advises putting visine on the pimple to remove the redness (apparently, not a crazy idea). Yolanda then tells us that Brandi is the best person for knowing anything and everything, while Yolanda’s daughter rolls her eyes and wonders which of her parents is less crazy. For gifts, David writes a letter for his wife, which is more or less generic. In turn, Yolanda offers up a book of naked photos she took for her hubs.
The promo for next week shows us that Brandi is going to have a complete melt-down, and both Yolanda and Lisa are going to traipse out to the limo and try to help her. Is it time that Kim helps sponsor Brandi in a trip for rehab?
REACT: Do you think Brandi has a drinking problem? Do you think anyone has really given Joyce a chance, aside from Kim and Kyle? Would you ever shop for sex stuff with your Mother-in-Law?