Leslie Knope gave out some truly inspiring Christmas gifts in the Parks and Recreation season 4 episode “Citizen Knope.” Let’s recap them and draw some inspiration from them in the process.

What did Leslie give Andy for Christmas? “Mouse Rat. Certified Gold! Over 100 copies sold in Pawnee. I need to get a picture of me holding this so I can frame it.”

Sappy suggestion: Frame an infamous mix CD that your best friend made for you in high school.

Next up: Donna!

Donna’s Christmas Gift: “Personalized, leopard printed robe. Pink feather cuffs. And on the back, in rhinestones ‘you can get it’!”

Sappy suggestion: Does your friend have a motto or catchphrase they say a ton? Use that saying to customize a mug, piece of jewelry, robe, etc.

Tom’s Christmas Gift: “‘I know you’re sad you couldn’t get tickets to the Watch the Thrones tour, so I got you a watch, and a tiny throne instead.’ And check it out, she even took out the dumb clock part and put this in, instead. ‘Baller time.'”

Sappy Suggestion: … Not particularly inspired. Maybe small objects of larger ones that they want? Or you can go the literal route, like Leslie did.

April’s Christmas Gift: “These are the black eyed peas. And I’ve finally killed them. It’s a Christmas miracle.”

Sappy suggestion: Get your art skills on and paint a picture of a scene that your friend has always wanted to happen.

There was also:

Ron: Automatic doors.

Jerry: Socks.

Chris: Personalized sports thing.

How Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation will Make You a Better Gift Giver