It’s time to learn that, “Dallas and Fort Worth are similar but so different. Fort Worth is like basic solids. And Dallas is like leopard print or sequins.” (Courtney says this, as if you couldn’t guess. Weirdly enough, I totally get what she means.)

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In this sad moment, it’s hard not to mention that her cool wallpaper looks like the one used in Regina’s office on ‘Once Upon a Time.’ Photo: BRAVO

Courtney Loves Dallas “Courtney Loves Mom” Season 1, Episode 4

This episode makes it hard to be good-naturedly snarky about, because it was about Courtney’s Mother learning she has cancer. And even if we want to roll our eyes occasionally about the irony of complaining about money while wearing Valentino heels worth several thousand dollars, it’s impossible to say anything against Courtney this time. Deep down, she’s sweet, sensitive, and …dammit, nice.

As the episode starts, we see Courtney at her apartment, packing for her trip. Her BFF, Tori, stops by and proves her weight in gold as she supports Court through a difficult phone call from Matt. (They always use his last name, which seems like they’re trying to promote his fame or something. Normal people don’t always refer to people by their first and last name whenever they mention them. Not that I’m any expert on ‘normal.’)

I happen to agree with Tori in that Courtney should not be taking Matt’s calls, especially when she’s dealing with other emotionally-taxing events already. I also agree with both of the ladies that Matt is totally trying to take advantage of the situation to try and get back in with Courtney while she’s got a new show and seems all shiny, new, and worth pursuing again. Matt Nordgren: you suck.

When the BFF’s head from Dallas to Fort Worth, their mission is clear…to cheer up Courtney’s Mom. And they do this with the help of Courtney’s Mimi (Grandma.) They explore vintage fashion in Mimi’s closet, the appeal of teasing for big hair, riding a bull, and general bonding. While I think Mimi is fashionable, I am not so keen on all the taxidermy hanging on her walls. What’s the deal with that?

Luckily, Courtney’s Mom doesn’t have to get so much of her face bandaged, and the surgery went well. (Mama Ro had Basal Cell Carcinoma.)

REACT: Do you think it was smart to take Matt’s call?