Rebekah wants the perfect prom, so she naturally needed the perfect prom dress.


We all know that Rebekah just wants to be a normal girl and go to a normal prom. Do you think she’ll get her wish? In The Vampire Diaries “Graduation” actress Claire Holt wears a yellow Jolene prom dress. It costs $360.00.

The costume designer, Leigh Leverett told EW that the dress was a “quintessential prom dress” and that’s exactly what Rebekah would want to wear. Something big, poof, and with a full ball gown! I have to admit, the only thing I have an issue with is the bright yellow color…but maybe that’s because I don’t think I can ever pull off yellow. What do you think? Are you loving this dress on Rebekah?

I actually love the hair that Rebekah has here. It’s very Veronica Lake, and got a smooth wave to it. The key is that it’s pin/sprayed so it only goes over one shoulder to show her hair’s length. It’s a great compliment to the sweetheart necklace of the Jolene gown.