Is Jersey Shore something you love to hate? We can relate. But we’d never advise against watching this MTV reality show. And we have five reasons why.

Reasons to Watch Jersey Shore

The Sense of Family

The show has always displayed a strong sense of “family.” They have a weekly Sunday night dinner, no matter what. And despite the crazy fights they have, they always make up.

Outrageous Fights

The fights are always wild, but Jersey Shore season 4 in Italy has given us the craziest fights yet.


It’s like watching a documentary on a specific subculture. Plus, you learn what the “kids” are into, and what their favorite lingo is. (“Kid” = a peer, “Put on Blast” = out someone, “GTL” = Gym, Tan, Laundry)

Vicarious Living

Live (or re-live) your crazy 20’s vicariously and assure yourself you’re not missing out on anything but the STDS. Part of loving the show is loving to hate it.


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