The epic awesomeness of Tim Gunn is only one reason why people can’t quit watching Project Runway.

Despite the change of Bravo to Lifetime, and the unnecessarily longer episodes, people are still watching Project Runway. In fact, this year marked season 9 of the Emmy Nominated show. But after these 9 seasons, why are people still watching? That’s what we’re here to answer.

1.) Reality TV that’s good is hard to find. So when you find it and it doesn’t diminish in quality, you don’t leave it.

2.) Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum have never failed to come up with ridiculous remarks to describe the clothing that sails down the runway.

3.) The guest judges are always high profile fashionistas. That is, except for the time Jessica Simpson was a guest judge for a finale. What was up with that?

4.) Tim Gunn has never disappointed us. He’s the wise, understanding uncle everyone wants to have.

5.) The cast members are creative types who always offer up new designs for us to love or hate. Even if the show started repeating challenges, the array of different outfits is unlimited.