The boys from PSYCH are scared, and so am I.

The boys from PSYCH are scared, and so am I.

It’s pretty laughable when the points you want to argue about are not that a show outed you as burning down your families country home, or how you faked cancer to try and get money – but you simply don’t like that you were seen saying that you only like white guys, say the N-word, and don’t like gay or fat people. Not that those things are good, but I think the bar isn’t too high for you. I think we’d be okay if you managed not to kill anyone this year. We’re talking about Jules Kirby of HIGH SOCIETY here. And she may be finding that not all publicity is good publicity. But who are we kidding. I’m sure she loves the spotlight. Someone dumb is going to have her endorse a weight loss method where you eat toothpicks. That’s how it always happens.

Now you can decide if the show’s producers treated her fairly: has obtained exclusive, unseen interview footage for the show, in which Jules Kirby defends using the N-word (“if a guy can say ‘whore,’ then you should be able to say the N-word”), says fat people are “gross to me,” and explains that when joking around, “I say some pretty terrible things about certain groups of people who aren’t like myself.”

“I’m not like exactly racist,” she later adds. “And it’s not like I hate gay people. It’s just… I don’t know.”

I’m not watching the video because I don’t want to hate humans today. But here you go. If you’re a reader of this blog, you already know that I think that HIGH SOCIETY is basically THE JERSEY SHORE with money.

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