Now there’s someone worse than Brooks Ayers or Slade Smiley!


Judy, Lydia’s mother, walked into Vicki’s house and put her feet up. Well, how DARE she – said Ryan Culberson, Brianna’s husband. He began verbally attacking poor Judy, cussing at her and then claiming she was the one who cussed at him.

Brianna Wolfsmith stayed by her hubby’s side, while Ryan accused Vicki of being a traitor for hugging a shaken Lydia.

With this ugly behavior…how can we ever like him again? And even if you aren’t a fan of Brooks, Ryan claiming he has “dirt” on Brooks and that Vicki can never have him at her own house… it’s all starting to be a bit much.

Brianna, grow a brain and dump this dumby.

What do you think about Ryan? Did his time overseas make him this way? Had he been drinking too much? Is there any excuse?