You know what they say about testicles and goldfish. Well, you do if you watched Raising Hope last night on Fox! Raising Hope is one of the best comedies on TV, and now in its second season it’s able to deliver outstanding episodes week after week. If you blink, you miss a gem. And in case you did blink last night, here is a running list of my absolute favorite things from the episode.

  • Living Room Balloon Ball game. I love that the whole family plays this. I also love that we’ve seen them play it before. Callbacks are always great. And there was also a callback to the massage train and Jimmy’s goth phase!
  • “Self refilling prophecy.”
  • Evicting the porch squirrels. Aw. Poor lil’ buddies.
  • “Malaprop.” Sabrina is so pretentious, I love it. Her hair was seriously jacked up in this episode, though. The hairstylists don’t know how to give her Sabrina-style hair with the haircut that Shannon Woodward decided to get over the summer.
  • “Unfamiliar bedroom sex” is only trumped by “unfamiliar kitchen sex.”


  • Oprah has told people to have erotic suggestion boxes? Nice.
  • Jetting to Turkey for an ironic Thanksgiving
  • Sabrina pretending to be Jimmy’s wife. “Turkey Dinner Theatre.”
  • Changing the stickers on the cars.
  • Maw Maw in the teengers room. Her comment on the vibrating phone not shaped like a penis. Her accidental cyber sex. “Her” diary and how she’s in love with Branden and no one can do anything about it. The comment about “introducing Cloris Leachman” … it was all gold. She even had a couple lucid moments where her snarky remarks were about, what else, money. The very best thing was the thong eyepatch, though.
  • Testicles. Goldfish. They just get bigger.
  • 7:14 singing
  • Having sex with fancy earrings and tons of makeup to be like one of the Real Housewives.