In Raising Hope season 1 we learned of the amazing Breakfast Turtles. In Raising Hope season 2 we got the Breakfast Food Log Cabin! Unhealthy? Sure. Badass? Uh, YEA.

It’s a a sausage log cabin with a waffle roof. If I’m not mistaken that is a french toast stick chimney! Lord knows how you’d eat it, and that’s way too much sausage for one person…but, it’s kinda freakin’ adorable.

P.S. Here’s the Raising Hope Breakfast Turtles

“Lobster doesn’t grow on trees. I think. Who knows what goes on under the sea.” – Best Quote of the episode? I think so.

Here is Mr. Pinchers the lobster:

Shannon Woodward has short hair now. The bangs make it look better than when she has them how she did in this episode. Oh. Man. It looks like the haircut a 4th grader gets that inevitably starts looking like a triangle when you clip the top part up and your hair frizzes. Of course, with the bangs she looks like a total hipster (which Sabrina isn’t, exactly.)

Finally. Here is a picture of the fancy toilet. I’m not sure why I wanted to include it. But I did.

All in all, Raising Hope was one of the best TV shows on TV last night. And the episode? One of the best they’ve done yet! I’m pretty excited for the rest of the season to unfold and be a weird mix of crazy/awesome.