When it comes to fashionable reality TV, do you prefer B or Z? It’s a style-off!

Here's a pose we haven't seen for years.

Here’s a pose we haven’t seen for years.

We all know the story. Brad Goreski was once a styling assistant for Rachel Zoe, and now he and Zoe have their own separate TV shows. Bravo offers an hour of The Rachel Zoe Project and a half hour of It’s a Brad, Brad World.

As RZP is in season 5, and IABBW is in season 2…both are at risk of being canceled! While Paula Duffy seems to prefer her Zoe, Jessica Rae prefers Goreski (and definitely not Piggy Buddha, er, Jessica Simpson.) Are our readers as divided? If you could ask Bravo to only save one of the shows, which would you pick?

Is The Rachel Zoe Project canceled?

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