Rachel Bilson is a TV veteran that has been on my mind as I pray for her new show on The CW, Hart of Dixie, not to suck. (Seems like I really should have prayed harder for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ringer.)

Anyway. When I was going through someone’s Tumblr and saw the above picture of Brigitte Bardot, all I could see was how very much like Rachel Bilson she looked like. What do you think? I used a picture of Bilson before she got ultra skinny and started torturing her hair into a lightened, flat debacle. (Let’s be honest, the earlier Bilson with curves on her body and in her dark hair was better than what she’s been giving us. Katie Holmes went through the same sort of phase, only her particular phase included some distasteful ombre/orange hair and marrying a crazy couch-jumping Scientologist… )

I know that other people say Rachel Bilson looks like Mila Kunis or Selena Gomez. They do all share dark hair, but I don’t think their facial features match up all that well. I actually think that Bilson and Avril Lavigne look a bit similar if you squint and imagine a different nose. Bilson, your keyword for 2012 should be: Voluptuous!