As half the world knows, Rachel Berry is going to NYC. And in typical RB fashion, she’s embracing the concept in every possible way.

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Ryan Ryan Jewelry has done it again – and by that I mean not only designed another fabulous and sparkling delicate necklace that I love… but they’ve done it specifically for Lea Michele’s Glee character, Rachel Berry. There’s no word yet on how she obtains this necklace (even I’m not at liberty to divulge any Glee spoilers for the big finale!) but I suspect Finn might give it to her as a gesture of … well, you know, their Finnchel love! (Which maybe I don’t love so much – but that’s okay.)

You can win this red apple necklace by heading over to this post in the Posessionista.

Ryan Ryan Jewelry has also designed the “R”, “Finn” and star necklaces you’ve seen on Rachel Berry.

Hold up. You want even more apple-based fashion? Check out this juicy collection of apple rings. Yummy. But are they better in deep red or golden yellow?

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