Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) from Glee has style that’s like quite no other. So if you want to score shoes like hers, you’ve got to think outside of the box. It’s actually a pretty comfy box…

When Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is buying a pair of shoes, she’s probably got a few things on her mind. And that is, aside from the latest Glee club fiasco (slushies, failed bake sales, sectionals, regional), NYADA, or Finn. What does she want in a shoe? She, of course,  wants it to be cute so she can strut around and feel like a leading lady. Comfort is a must, since she is dancing all over the place. And she likes to pick things that aren’t predictable. Her style isn’t something you can score just anywhere. Which is why the shop Fluevog came to our attention.

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Fluevog Shoes have plenty in the way of what we can picture Rachel Berry wearing. Even when it comes to a simple pump in red, the “Attentions” in Paris are not simple or ordinary at all. They’re downright charming and sweet. Rather than an over-inflated and trendy platform, the shoe is diminutive with a sensible sole and a rounded toe.

Here are some of the Fluevog shoes we like, all available on their site.

We also suggest shoes from Anthropologie.

What do you think of Rachel Berry’s shoes as you typically see her wear on Glee?

Glee airs Tuesdays on FOX.