The Rachel Zoe-Rodger Berman love story is sort of maj. Don’t you think?

rachel zoe rodger berman

Rachel Zoe with beau Rodger Berman. Photo Credit: via Bravo

It has a zillion scenes in it. It seems that the Rachel Zoe Inc. staff of ladies is particularly interested in how they got to be so close and stay that way decades after it all began.

During last night’s episode 5 of The Rachel Zoe Project, entitled “Maj in Manhattan”, we got some of the dish on how much Lady Zoe was willing to do for her man. It might explain why Rodger is so attached to this day.

Mandana Dayani, Miss Everything at Zoe Enterprises was telling the girls about the enduring love between Rachel and Rodger.

It came up because the ladies were trying on each other’s wedding rings and talking about how long they have been with their men.

Mandana started the ball rolling. “Rachel and Rodger have been together for 21 years.” Lauren, the collection manager opined, “It’s crazy.” Mandana continued:

“He’s so in love with her it’s disgusting. He doesn’t really think that any other person on this planet is hot, but his wife.” That elicited a few “Ahhhhhs” from the girls.

Then one of the staffers shared a story as if to demonstrate that the attachment was there from the very beginning.

“Have you ever heard the story about when they first started dating and Rachel would go out to pick him up from his restaurant job at three o’clock in the morning?

She’d go to bed at 9 or 10, sleep for a few hours, set her alarm for 2 a.m  and shower, blow dry her hair and always pick him up with red lipstick on.”

Mandana added the topper. Rodger never connected the dots about how it was that his love was always there in makeup and fresh hair. One early morning when she was late, he called her only to discover that she was still blow drying her hair. Rachel informed him that she did this each and every time.

What’s the craziest part of that story to you? For me it’s the fact that there was a time, long ago, when Rachel Zoe did her own hair and makeup.

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