COMMUNITY -- "Basic Genealogy" Episode 117 -- Pictured: Greendale College Mascots -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCf

COMMUNITY -- "Basic Genealogy" Episode 117 -- Pictured: Greendale College Mascots -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBCf

I’m obsessed with NBC’s COMMUNITY, it’s allowed! And I’ve been typing out my favorite quotes of the episode as fast as I can.

Episode synopsis for Community – Basic Genealogy: The study group’s parents show up to Greendale for family day at the college and Jeff commits to helping Pierce connect with his step daughter Amber. The situation gets crazy when Amber’s attraction to Jeff surfaces. (Katherine McPhee guest stars.)

Basic Genealogy Quotes

“Jeff, we need to talk.”
“What’s wrong, you breaking up with me?”
(Smiles) “Oh, maybe we don’t need to talk!”

“Can’t believe my Grandma’s rolling her old bones out here.”

“Guys, I’ll be back. But with booty.”

“You’re like a black ghost.”

(Not at a family reunion) “There was something about his mass e-mails that made me certain this would be the family reunion…”

“It’s none of your business, but I ate my twin in utero.”

“Hey, ducksauce – that was rude!”

“Have you told her she’s prettier than a hooker?”

“You want me to wingman you with your ex-stepdaughter?”

“You’re becoming dangerous, Annie. It’s those eyes. Disappointing you is like choking the little mermaid with a bike chain.”

“A switch is a stick she can use to whoop you with. Cherish, Britta. Cherish.”

“Senora Chang? Ken, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?”

“Your flight leaves after I tell you a story called ‘Pierce Takes on the School Bully’.”

“She’s saying she’s old enough to jump in a giant balloon. … Now she says he’s a pig anus.”

“I have to go to my car and get my emergency shirt. And I don’t even like that shirt!”

“Nana’s old skool.”

“She’s grifting him. She’s taking a bunch of money from him. He thinks it’s for school. But it’s for…grifting!”

“You’re faster than…some…bacteria!”

“You wanted to feel like a bad friend so that you could feel like a good friend.”

“You were right. Nana’s a monster.”

“Have a family, share your life. That and learning computers are two things you just can’t knock out at the end.”

“If you have friends, you have family.”

“Are we hugging or dancing?”

“I hate Glee! I don’t see its appeal at all.”

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