Picture from Oprah.com

Picture from Oprah.com

Jenna Jameson, former porn star, was on Oprah today. Interestingly (or not?),¬† Jameson says the number one thing women say to her is that she taught them how to give their husbands oral sex. What’s interesting is that she approaches the porn industry as a business and she’s much more of a feminist than I’d ever have assumed she could be. The frank conversation between Jameson and Oprah ended up making me hear things that I never wanted to hear Oprah say. Conversely, Jameson’s quotes don’t seem nearly salacious as I’d anticipated (or hoped)!


“If you, Jenna Jameson, aren’t a professional with oral sex, then who is?” – Oprah

“I wanted to be the number one porn star in the world. And I wanted to do it with dignity.” – Jenna Jameson

“I changed the industry for up and coming starlets.”¬† – Jenna Jameson

We sell the movies. Women need to know they are an asset and they are the ones who should be making the money.” – Jenna Jameson

“Nobody wants to work with somebody who isn’t able to ‘do their job'” (context: get it up) – Jenna Jameson

“In the beginning it was new, it was fresh. I was young. I was crazy. Then, I ended up not really liking it, not having that connection… feeling kind of weird about it.” – Jenna Jameson

“I wanted it to be big…and massive.” – Jameson on her kitchen

“The BIG moment.” (erection) – Oprah

“When I very first started the adult films, the most important thing was having a boob job.” – Jameson

“You’d be really surprised how open women are with me. ‘The very first [thing] out of their mouths is, ‘You taught me how to give oral sex, and my husband thanks you.'” – Jameson

“It is a nonstop monstraziation¬† of your body.” – Jameson on mainting your looks as a porn star

“I never live my life with any kind of regret, but there are a few nights I lay my head down and I wonder if I made the right decisions.” – Jameson

“I know how incredibly capable I am.” – Jameson

“I knew I had a lot of options … but I knew that I was going to make a lot of money.” – Jameson

“That’s a big misconception about me in the industry. They think, ‘Oh, she’s had thousands of partners. She’s a slut. She’s a whore’. But in actuality, I had sex with my husband most of the time, and I think that that’s why my movies sell so well. You can see love.” -Jenna Jameson

“I loved the movie The Secretary.” – Jameson

She has original Dali paintings, and a fender guitar made for Aerosmith. Maybe it’s time for us to all go into the porn industry? But there is this cautionary quote from Jameson, “The moment you become a porn star, you’re a porn star for the rest of your life.”

Violet Blue, author/sex expert, says that the best porn pick for women is The Masseuse with Jenna Jameson. When it comes to erotica vs. porn she says erotica is more layered.

Jameson said she loves who she is, she’s proud, but she doesn’t miss anything about the business.