You know how sometimes a show is at San Diego Comic Con and you think to yourself, “Why??” Well this week, Psych proves they deserved their panel with an episode that focuses on real life superheroes. It was a comic nerd’s dream. Not that I would know… Okay, I would know. Also if you were (are) a fan of New Kids on the Block, there is a very special guest star.. Joey McIntyre!

Psych Season 6 Quotes

Lassiter: You are done wasting our time.
Shawn: I’ll say when I’m done!  [long pause] Alright, I’m done wasting everyone’s time. Besides, I’m missing a Phineas and Ferb marathon. Perry the Platypus! He’s a real platypus.

(We are only a few episodes in to the season and that’s already the 2nd Phineas and Ferb shout out. I’m so happy)

Shawn: I’m just one guy. I’ve solved more crimes than I can count. Because I’ve solved a lot of crimes not just because I can’t count very high.
Juliet: Yes, but you have a supernatural psychic gift. The Mantis is solving crimes using his natural instincts and sharply honed abilities.
Gus: She’s right, Shawn. I mean if you were a regular guy solving these crimes, that would really be impressive. But everyone knows you’re a psychic. I mean it’s really an unfair advantage.

Shawn: Everyone stop what you’re doing and only pay attention to me!

Mantis: I also have reason to believe that a huge drug shipment to the Caminos is imminent.
Shawn:  Ha! We already know that one. Suck it!
Juliet: Shawn, we’re all professionals.
Mantis: Oh yeah? You suck it!
Shawn: You suck it! What kind of man takes off another man’s pants in a smokey boiler room?

Gus: We think you’re innocent.
Shawn: Might be innocent. I’m not yet convinced.
Mantis: Nobody has gotten this close to figuring out who I really am. You’re psychic powers are amazing.
Shawn: Gus we have to help him. He’s a good man.

Juliet: It was Shawn who psychically realized the Mantis had been framed and led us to the Caminos headquarters. He deserves all the credit.
Lassiter: I wouldn’t say that…. Not that it isn’t true. I just wouldn’t say it.
Shawn: Oh come on, you might like it if you tried.
Lassiter: I’d rather spend the rest of my life at Lillith Fair.
Shawn: Fair enough.

Gus: Dang nabbit, Shawn.
(Just because, who says that??)

This week was super funny, but was heavy on the looks versus the quotables for me. Which leads me to…

Special shout out to the moment The Mantis knocks a guy out and there is a big POW graphic behind him a la old school Batman. But then the camera pulls back and you see it is just part of a logo for Power Charge Muscle Building Supplement. Just one of the many ways this show was very clever in their superhero nostalgia. I was also endlessly amused by the spinning newspaper that was just Gus’s tablet spinning with a newspaper app up on the screen.

But let’s take a minute to discuss the wonder that was this week’s Psych Out….. Dule, James and Joey singing The Right Stuff. And doing the dance. My 12 year old self squealed with delight. So did my 31 year old self, if I’m being honest. NKOTB!!!! I loved it. Will be watching it again multiple times. Don’t mock.

Next week: a baseball episode. If there isn’t at least one Corbin Bernsen/Major League reference I will cry. Oh, who am I kidding?  Of course there will be.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae