Psych is back for Season 6! Yes, technically it was back last week, but I was so excited I completely forgot to write up my list of favorite quotes. Bygones. I’m here this week to make up for it!

If you are a true Psych-o like me you’d probably be okay with me just transcribing tonight’s entire episode. However, due to time constraints and copyright infringement laws, I’m going to just give you my top 10 favorite quotes. In no particular order. It’s hard enough to choose 10. Don’t make me rank them!

Psych Quotes Season 6

Woody: When is the pinata coming out?
Shawn: I don’t think there is a pinata…
Woody: Huh. I was told this is a party.

Lassiter: Okay, I think I’m going to turn myself in.
Shawn: For what? Spooning with Woody?

Shawn: Man, I told you eating something called Stick of Butter in a Bun was a bad idea.
Gus: I can’t help it, Shawn. My body craves buttery goodness.
Shawn: You are buttery.
Gus: You know that’s right.

Clerk: Come on. Look at me. Does it look like I’m going around trying to bed a bunch of blonde desperate housewife types? Like that’s my thing. Because they can’t get enough of this.
Shawn: I’m drawn to you. In a weird sort of way.
Gus: Maybe they recognize you from Children of the Corn.
Clerk: Maybe they know you from The Cosby Show, Bud.
Gus: I’m NOT Bud!

Lassiter (gets call, then says to guys): There’s another body.
Woody (gets call at same time, then says to guys): I just got verified on Twitter.

Shawn (answers phone): Tom Wopat’s office.

Shawn: I have a very strong vision about another place we may have been last night. This one does not involve food, so bring snacks if you are peckish.

Henry: Who the hell is Ed Lover?
Shawn & Gus: Come on, son.
Shawn (to Ed Lover): I apologize for my Dad’s life.

Gus: Oh my gosh – somebody shot that guy’s TV!
Shawn: That’s your TV!

Shawn: Gus was pretty sure you did kill someone.
Gus: I still am.
Shawn: Don’t worry Lassie. You’ll kill someone someday.

Special shout outs to Gus’s freak out when he saw the Blueberry and Shawn’s rant about not having his psychic visions.

What did you all think of this Hangover-esque episode? I thought it was funny. I liked the boys all working together. Plus I love how this show manages to have just a tiny bit of movement on the Jules/Shawn storyline every week without ever really making it about them. Though I just wish they would get married already. I’m a walking contradiction!

And did you spot the Pineapple??

Next week: Vampires! I think I may actually just transcribe that episode. I’m still laughing from the previews where Gus does his Bill from True Blood impersonation.

Psych Season 6 episode 1

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae