So, what did you think of last night’s episode of Project Runway? I was in disagreement with the winning pick, and really unimpressed with a LOT of the designs!

This look by Andy South was my favorite. Yes, it’s commercial – but is that wrong? I think there’s is a very hip, luxe feeling to the look. And like any girl, I really appreciate how there is versatility here. The idea that it was a bathing suit that so easily become a gorgeous beach dress (which you could tie two different ways) is so appealing to me. I’d buy this if it was at a store right now. The only tweak I’d make is the way the bottom of the bathing suit is ruched.

I like April Johnson as a person (as far as I’ve seen her on TV) but I’m not a fan of her designs. This design is probably some of her best work, but I am still not in love with it. I think an easy fix to upgrade the look would have been to fix the shorts into more of a fitted boyshort that was a little smaller and trimmed. Then the balance would feel more “right.” I was surprised she won, and that Kristen Bell said she’d wear this on the red carpet. I hope a stylist stops her!

Kristen Bell on Project Runway: Secret Superfan of Tim Gunn

I suspect that maybe in-person this design looks a lot better than it does on a screen. Chic, sexy, resort items can be cool. This just feels a little…plain. Michael Drummond is certainly a sweetheart, though. Can you believe he said he was glad he didn’t win?