Our Best and Worst of Project Runway “The High’s and Low’s of Fashion”

project runway dress

OUR FAVORITE LOOK I loved this ‘look for less’ by Team Emilio and Anna. This is a dress I would easily wear. Love the stripes and the sash. The skirt is flirty and fun. While I really like Emilio, I really love Anna’s aesthetics. And how sweet was she that she felt humbled to be teamed with Emilio? I think the other people are underestimating her abilities – even herself. More confidence, please! She could WIN!

project runway ping

OUR LEAST FAVORITE LOOK Team Ping and Jesse had this failing look which I hated almost as much as watching it being made! With some careful editing, that sash could have been a thinner, train with a handkerchief hem, offset to the left behind. And that could have been something worth wearing. But that would have meant keeping Ping around…and nothing is worth that!

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