Here is my Project Runway season 9 recap and review of each outfit from episode 7 “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Nothing stood out to me as “OMG, GOTTA FIND THAT” but there was some inspired pieces down the catwalk.

Anthony Ryan – Dress – I like this. It’s a tiny bit sailor chic, but modern and not too cheeky. He even has the right shoes for this dress on the model. I really appreciate how clean the black and white palette is with that tasteful dash of red.

Anya Ayoung – Dress – This is very “her” it’s casual, spirited, and has a relaxed refinement to it. Personally, it’s not something I would wear but I know there of plenty of people who would. The print she designed looks a little bit like seaweed or an undersea creature, but lands on this side of tribal to be cool enough. The wide, open back was especially cool, although the way that skinny belt meets with the zipper is not pleasing to the eye. Yes, I know, I’m being uber critical!

Becky – Skirt / Top / Blazer – There’s nothing new or radical about this. And that’s sad because I feel like Becky is shouting, “Look at me, I can be young and fresh and hip. Look at this chartreuse green top and graffiti inspired skirt!” This could have been bought at Forever 21 for under $20 bucks. The blazer does have some interesting detail to it, but that’s the only thing I like here.

Bert – Dress – …I, kinda like this? He has this black and white clockworse pattern and then a zipper at the top of the dress. I like the shape of this dress, but the pattern he designed is not my favorite. This is a good look, but not a definite winner for me.

Bryce – Shorts – Top – This is cool and ethnic and stuff. I’m lukewarm on it.

Joshua – Pants – Top – Jacket – It’s all over the place, way too complicated! The pants are horrible. It reminds me of the 80’s. Why are there cuffs on the pants? The black and white jacket is cool, however. I like that it fits together like a puzzle piece. It’s just a puzzle how the rest of it came to be.

Kimberly – Top – Skirt – Because every girl wants to wear a burlap sack as a skirt? What in the what?

Olivier – Blazer – Pants – The blazer is great. The design on the pants is not doing anything for me. It’s just minimal lines. It reminds me of spiderwebs drawn by a very OCD fifth grader.

Viktor – Dress – For me, it’s far too literal as a rorschach test on the top of the dress when I look at it up close. But from far away, the entire look is pleasing and edgy. The back was very well though out.

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