I had entirely different rankings for the final four Project Runway season 9 contenders. What about you?

Well, the runway has been walked and now we know our Project Runway season 9 winner is…Anya Ayoung-Chee. I know that should have an exclamation point, but I’m feeling a little lukewarm about the win. How about you?

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Anya Ayoung-Chee

I love what she does. I think her work with patterns is such a great talent. I think she’s a really neat person that you’d want to get to know. I mean, she’s gorgeous, she’s got this accent, she’s this total package. At the same time, I feel like the judges all had a bias towards her the entire course of season 9. And I feel like she’s a bit insincere sometimes. I don’t believe her all the time. Also, she’s definitely a little one-note.

The Best of Anya Ayoung-Chee on Project Runway Season 9

She’ll give you the same dress in 1,000 different patterns. I feel like every collection she will do will probably look pretty similar. And yes, she has an identifiable brand, but do you think you get a ton of surprises with her?

Project Runway Season 9 – Anya’s Earrings for Yourself!

For me, a good piece of design wins over a favorable brand. She does what she does well.

Heidi Klum REALLY Loves Anya Ayoung Chee’s Dress

I think she was one of the best designers on the entire show. But I probably would have put her at second place. Who do I think should have won? I agree with Bert when he said Anya didn’t have the strongest collection. It was…

Viktor Luna!

Oh, come on. He came in third? I would have put him at first. He had so many pieces. I agree that he had a misstep with those chiffon pieces, but they were still good. I think his best pieces were better than Anya’s best pieces. I love the way he fused that purple and black print of beachy Mexico (from where he’s from) with the high sophisticated glamor of the blacks that represent New York City. I wish he hadn’t edited so much. He even scrapped an entire dress that the judges told him in the Finale Part 1 that they loved! I mean, he just had SO much!

Joshua McKinley

It’s no secret that I find him to be an over the top pretentious jerk. Or at least now it’s not. I also didn’t like most of his designs. Not only is none of it stuff I would pick out for myself, but it’s not something I like at all that I’d pick out for anyone or see a ton of artistic beauty in. He’s innovative, but what’s innovative design when it isn’t also beautiful? Viktor had more innovative design work going on, for me. Josh doesn’t know who he is, and what happens when what he does best (the simple draping) isn’t at all what he wants to do? You know he wants to bedazzle everything. He has a low taste level, even after the entire PR process and learning to edit.

Kimberly Goldson

Well, her stuff was okay. Honestly, I would have put her in third place and Josh in fourth. She had some really interesting pieces. Overall, her collection wasn’t a winner for me, though. I think she should go work with Kimora Lee Simmons at Baby Phat because they both share a similar point of view.