Watch Project Runway Season 9 Episode 6 “The Art of the Matter” to see all of the flops! Guest Judge = Kenneth Cole. Everyone = bananas!

Anthony Ryan’s Dress: I could picture it in the MOMA (museum of modern art.) The hairstyle for the model was right, and the back was interesting. The sheerness of the fabric….eh.

Anya’s Dress: Immediately I think it’s fierce. This is a mullet dress – short in the front, longer in the back. I would have tweaked something, just not sure what.

Becky’s Dress: It almost hit the “good” mark but the green dots are too …childish. I need more artistic vision to it. More subtle detail.

Bert’s….jumpsuit: I don’t even know what to call this, other than awful. It’s like you sewed a bunch of pillows from an 80’s slumber party together.

Bryce’s Dress: This is not Beetlejuice. She is not melting. This is all wrong.

Joshua’s Dress: I actually like this a lot. It’s modern and young.

Joshua M’s Sweater and Skirt: The proportions are all wrong. No, no, no.

Kimberly: Who would wear this? This is like a bad superhero’s costume.

Laura’s Dress: This yellow confection reminds me of the South. I dig it.

Oliver’s Dress: So…she’s wearing half a swimsuit and half a long trench coat? I would never wear this.

Viktor’s Dress: This Little House on the Prairie meets Victoria’s Secret dress gives the svelte model fat rolls!

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