Anya Ayong-Chee has been rocking a pair of awesome earrings on Project Runway season 9. She’s become a big fan favorite, as have these earrings. The earrings are very long, made of a wire that is woven in a way that almost resembles a dreamcatcher.

As we don’t know where her earrings came from. I do know of a place that has been making similar ones for years. Nicholas Lane Jewelry handcrafts jewelry that features quite similar pieces. The “Get Wired” earrings are available in square, rectangle (featured in InStyle magazine and in my personal jewelry box) or round shapes. The jewelry has lots of natural, sometimes almost tribal elements to the overall line.

My favorite earrings there right now are ones I think Anya would love, and they’re called the Gold Filled “Stick” Earrings. They almost have a leather fringe vibe to them.  What do you guys think of this jewelry collection?

project runway anya earrings

Project Runway Anya Earrings


I love Project Runway jewelry so much, so look for another post about a special necklace very soon! We love to cover jewelry seen on tv shows.