So, it’s time for the last review of Project Runway season 8.I really had to summon my strength to write this because I was pretty uninspired by the results of the finale.

By now, I’m sure you know that between Andy South, Mondo Guerra and Gretchen Jones – Gretchen Jones was picked as the winner.

Although I liked Gretchen‘s design through the season, I was not wild about her ho-hum finale runway collection. It was so muted. I was most excited by her jewelry and the music – which is a bad sign. Gretchen is talented. But I think even with her reminding the audience how she is currently homeless and broke, she still never became a likable personality. And without top-notch clothing in her collection, a lot of fans are outraged that she is the winner. It came down to Nina Garcia and Michael Kors fighting for her to win. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum and guest judge Jessica Simpson wanted Mondo Guerra to win. And fans online agree with them about Mondo Guerra being the smart  choice for winner.

Mondo designs things that aren’t what I would wear personally (most of the time) yet I think he is a true visionary. He’s talented, creative, and just plain amazing. Or how about another “a” word – authentic. (My Project Runway drinking game = every time someone uses the phrase “true to myself” or a variation of that. Oh, brother.) His first outfit with the silk blouse and the fun bag was my favorite piece from him in this collection.

Personally, I’d love to know how the tie was broken between the two who wanted Gretchen and the two who wanted Mondo. Do you think Jessica Simpson or Heidi Klum switched sides?

Finally, we have poor Andy South that the judges took out from the running first. I kind of liked the head pieces he used, although Michael Kors was not a fan. Andy’s problem is that he completely re-invented himself as using softer tones in grays and a lime green instead of dark blacks. He still decided to use the bathing suit that Tim Gunn said made the model look like she had pubic hair crawling up her body – although he did cover up that section of the suit. (It was a good design, if only the fabric had been different.)

Let’s talk for a moment about the judges style. Michael Kors looked as he always does, and Nina Garcia (as always) played it safe with black and then some on-trend chain necklaces. I’m always surprised by how much they bore me when they love fashion so much. Heidi Klum didn’t bore me, but she wore a tomato red suit ensemble with matching platform pumps. She was straight out of the 80’s, although she managed to have her bangs swept to the side which is a vast improvement from the mushroom head she’d been rocking. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson was a mess. Her hair looked awful (where is Ken Paves when you need him?) and her outfit included  a tacky sham of a dress.

All in all, I don’t think I liked any collection a lot, and instead of debating between two winners I would have given no one the prize. If I was judging on past work, I’d have been stuck between Gretchen and Mondo and despite liking what Gretchen makes more for myself, would have awarded Mondo the prize for being more creative.

So, Small Screen Scoop readers, who of the top three did you hope would win?