Project Runway has its finale tonight with the final three. So it seemed like a good time to look back at what we thought when season 8 began, before we’d even seen an episode and only had picture and facts to go on. Did we have good things to say about the final three, or did we predict they’d all be booted by now?

Gretchen Jones: We adored her and wanted to wear all of her clothes. She was listed as one of our favorites along with Valerie and Ivy (we were so wrong about Ivy!)

Andy South: He was one of only two favorites of the male cast members (the other being Christopher Collins, who we did not end up loving.) We wrote of South, “we love everything he’s showing us!”

Mondo Guerra: Our favorite now, back in July we weren’t totally warming up to him, but did like a poodle top he presented.

We ended up having five favorites, and two of our favorites made it to fashion week! What about you, do you remember who you liked back in July?