Partners and peep-toe’s and pitchforks, oh my! Are you ready for Project Runway‘s 5th episode of season 8?

If you’re looking for our Project Runway review from last night’s episode, click here.

In this episode of Project Runway, our gang has to split into six teams of two each. Uh, can I call Valerie? Love her! I’m pretty sure two of my least favorite designers (Peach and Casanova)are teamed up, so that should be interesting (read: hilarious and heartbreaking if you have a heart…which I have on loan at the Smithsonian.)

The Project Runway promo makes it look like the judges are mean to everyone and Tim rallies the troops to grab up their pitchforks and mannequins to storm the runway! And yea, I’d watch that episode!

Video under the jump.