Tonight on Project Runway we have The Genius, The Dark Horse, The Veteran, The Backstabber,  and THE THIEF!

If you’re already viewed the episode, read our review of Project Runway “Larger Than Life”.

While we don’t know who is being accused of cheating (the video is edited¬† in such a way that you can’t be sure if they’re showing a reveal or just another designer saying something), we know someone gets called out for stealing a dress idea. Who do you think it is? Who do you think will go home tonight?! Eeep!

Project Runway Season 8 airs every Thursday at 9pm et/pt. You watch Project Runway online at Video for the promo of season 8 episode 2 after the jump. Oooh, the drama. The fashion. The making it work of every moment. It’s hard to resist, no?