Thursday was the first part of the Project Runway Season 8 finale. Michael Costello was sent packing and we’re left with Andy South, Gretchen Jones, and Mondo Guerra.

You may know that we haven’t been kind to Costello on Small Screen Scoop. I don’t like him at all. I’m willing to say that he can drape well, and I feel bad for his family situation…but I found him catty (not that he was the only one with catty comments), unoriginal (aside from that ONE top in this episode), lacking in taste (remember the pumpkin pants?) and someone I believe possibly cheated his way to the final four. When Costello was eliminated, he had a very emotional reaction. This is understandable. It’s devastating to come THAT close and lose.

Why was he booted? His stuff wasn’t that good. He had sequined pants, a boxy feather skirt, and everything was the same color. It seemed he thought everything would look like it was part of a collection if it just had the same tones. Out of all the clothing presented, I think I rather liked his aesthetic.

At least, I liked it a lot more than what Andy South presented. The green dress was cool, but who wants to look like that one frill-necked lizard in Rescuers Down Under?

Mondo….he’s similar to Betsey Johnson, but in his entirely own way. It’s actually more posh than her stuff – most of the time. but what he presented…that polka dot dress…ugh. And the Turquoise top with those giant gold spikes on the sleeves? It looked juvenile for sure. I like a lot of what he designed during the competition a lot more.

Then we move on to Gretchen. She’s a control freak, and I wouldn’t want to be her friend necessarily. But I do like her boho aesthetic. Rather than appreciate it, Heidi Klum kept stereotyping her as “granola-y.” Sadly, I wasn’t in love with what Gretchen was showing! I hope she has more up her sleeve.

Who do you think will win? I think, and hope, it will be Mondo Guerra or Gretchen Jones.