The season premiere for Project Runway season 8 aired on Lifetime last week.

The winner of the first challenge was Gretchen Jones, who is already our favorite. Big smiles! We’d wear that dress in a red hot minute.

Rather than have a top three for best and worst, we had a big line of “worsts” on the stage. It was hard to like the odd top made by Ivy Higa, McKell Maddox had her taste was called into question when Heidi Klum called her dress “butt ugly,” Nicholas D’Aurizio had a boring evening dress, Casanova hardly had ANY dress, Jason Troisi didn’t seem to do anything but turn a kimono backwards, and April Johnson didn’t do much more than turn a blazer inside out.

It came down to Ivy, Casanova and Mckell, and McKell got the boot. Do you think more designers should have been eliminated?