I don’t think that Mondo Guerra cheated. I think that HKNB Heidi Klum for New Balance MAY have cheated and stole design vision from Mondo!

But perhaps after the show Mondo was hired by them, or compensated. Or, perhaps these pieces were made and available to be sold before Mondo designs his. But the reason I think that isn’t true is because I believe the pink fabric was bought by Mondo at Mood, and Nina Garcia even said she loved the way he brought that in. Another funny thing is that the original gray cropped sweatshirt top that Mondo made and Heidi Klum hated in the workroom as something she’d NEVER wear, is now an exact item offered by them. What the WHAT?

Someone better explain. I’m also curious about all of the purple leggings. Were they influenced by Mondo, or was Mondo influenced by seeing them in his packet of HKNB designs already made?