For this Project Runway season 12 finale recap, we examine what the final four had to say about their inspiration. Each one is very specific, and different from each other. As always, we’re honored to have you visiting the Small Screen Scoop TV Blog for your TV coverage.

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Project Runway Finale Recap

Justin LeBlanc

“I was born deaf…I just liked the silence..and it was pure and just clean. … And sometimes people call me “the bionic man,” because I have a technology in my head right now so I can hear. And that’s where all the 3D printing comes in.” – Justin LeBlanc

  • We saw soundwaves.
  • We had a dress that gave us the sound of rain.
  • It was polished and had a variety of textures.

Bradon McDonald

“When I was a kid I’d watch the crocus flower come through the snow bank. I thought that was just an amazing image. The juxtaposition of something so delicate against what’s frozen and hard.” – Bradon McDonald

  • We had pops of color coming through frosty metallics, as snow.
  • His hand was called “expressive and abstract,” by Zac Posen.

Dom Streater

“It’s basically the idea of the future as it was viewed by artists and writers, pre 1960’ss. It has this very retro, Judy Jetson feel to it.” – Dom Streater

  • Nina Garcia called this an entertaining show.
  • Zac Posen thought she successful pulled off the theme.
  • She rocked prints.

Alexandria Von Bromssen

“I titled my collection Neo-Nomadio Punk. With my unconventional…it’s my statement to stop printing these things. I think we have too many phonebooks in the world. And I think we need to stop printing them. I had such a vision as to what I wanted to present. This strong, warrior-like girl.” – Alexandria von Bromssen

  • We had expensive fabrics, and good fits.
  • It was young, hip, and now – according to Heidi Klum.
  • Her woman has spice, attitude, strength and vulnerability – which Zac Posen pointed out. He said it was a “powerful strength” that was also “chic and feminine.”

We hope you enjoyed this Small Screen Scoop TV Blog post with a Project Runway recap of the inspirations for each collection by Alexandria Von Bromssen, Dom Streater, Justin LeBlanc and Bradon McDonald.

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