Heidi Klum was depressed by a few of these Project Runway looks, and I was depressed by who was eliminated. All in all, we need some ice cream over here, stat.

Noteable Quotes

“We’re doing boyshorts on the enchanted queen? I don’t get that.” – Christopher Palu

“It’s so me.” – Dmitry about being the Wise Mystic

“I see an 1890’s dress.” – Tim Gunn about Christopher’s dress.

Fabio Dissects Tim’s Looks

“There’s the hand on the face, the crossed arms, and the squint with a tint. And if you get all of those… nothing good is going to come out of his mouth.” – Fabio Costa on Tim Gunn

Inspiration from Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn telling Sonjia about how she’s not creating up to her potential was really inspiring. He did it in a very respectful, inspiring way. I mean, what’s better than to hear “what you’re doing now is good, but you can still do so much more”?


  • I want to go to Ohreka Ca!
  • Melissa continued to be obsessed with collars.
  • Damn you, L’Oreal. I may not be totally swayed by the makeup all the time. But this episode and the fun nail stuff really made me wanna go buy some. And when Fabio mentioned the name of the lipstick Queen’s Kiss? I started getting into that, too. Ugh. I know L’Oreal makes good stuff, but I have SO much makeup! (And I am always purging most of stuff that expires, I just have so much! I just want to pare down!) But the L’Oreal Electric Fantasy nail stuff looks pretty fun, yea.
  • Fabio quoted a Semisonic song! “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” Maybe it’s not just from that song (“Closing Time”) but let me live in a bubble where I think that’s what he was referencing. LET ME. Cloooosing time. Na na na na na….
  • Zoe Saldana was a fun guest judge.

Final Looks

  • Fabio Costa – Nina Garcia finds something to love with the jacket, but no one can get behind these pants. Heidi Klum is depressed just looking at it.
  • Melissa Fleis – Garcia and Kors fawn all over this look, but Klum thinks it’s as ugly as Fabio’s.
  • Christopher Palu – Everyone loves the back of the dress, but that’s where the praise stops.
  • Sonjia Williams – Even when Olivia Wilde did this kind of floating look with a Marchesa dress, it only just barely worked. But that dress was much better executed. I agree with Michael Kors that it looks too much like an ice skating gown. But, I also agree with Heidi Klum that the green color is at least nice. Zoe Saldana nailed it when she said the gown looked “unfinished.”
  • Dmitry Sholokhov – Heidi loves all the new angles Dmitry has shown with his jacket. I have to agree. Saldana calls it “stunning.” He wins this challenge.

Sonjia Williams is given the boot, which seems pretty unfair and now I’m the one who’s depressed, Klum!

Photo Credit: Lifetime / Barbara Nitke

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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