Mondo Guerra is the king of pattern mixing, and he stopped by Project Runway season 10 for the latest “crate your own pattern” challenge with HP and Intel. I’m not sure any were worthy of Guerra’s own, but we had some unique designs nonetheless.

Dmitry Sholokhov – I want him to win! He’s amazing, that jacket was fantastic… he’s even become quite humorous!

Gunnar Deatherage – Normally I don’t feel bad for Gunnar, because he’s kind of an annoying punk most of the time. (Hi, you want to buy your Mom a boob job? Random.) However, I felt he put a lot of thought into his pattern of hands and birds… and it was a particularly emotional challenge for him because he dug down deep into that. Honestly, I wanted more designers to really show more of themselves in their patterns with unique images and stories attached. Anyway! He should have stuck to his silk chiffonie ways and done something free and flowing… instead… it was … like something you’d buy at the junior section of K-Mart in 2001. Much like Rachel Berry (Glee) and her wardrobe, it was both something you could see a toddler and a senior woman wearing.

Melissa Fleis -It was okay. Not amazing. Not bad. Just okay.

Elena Slivnyak – This was such a 60’s gogo dress, so I was bothered that Elena said her design was the most modern one of them all. Ugh. And did anyone believe her when she said that she’s normally not a bitch?

Christopher Palu -He’s so talented and amazing, but he could not figure out what he wanted to do. And he covered up his pattern!

Ven Budhu -Listen, his personality is horrible, but he’s talented at sewing. Unfortunately, this challenge didn’t go well for him at all. First was the dress where he wasn’t using his pattern (which was a single flower) directly and was cutting and fanning it instead. When Tim Gunn arrived, he was shocked.  “I … see an homage to the menstrual cycle.” When Ven says he doesn’t see it, Tim then asks the room. And I’ve never seen him do a think tank like this with any other designer. Because, it’s … almost rude. And yet, Budhu is so rude that you can’t help but wonder if Gunn also dislikes Ven as much as viewers do. Gunn says bluntly, “It looks like cloth that’s soaked up blood. They look like maxi pads. Designers?! Am I crazy?!” The room agrees. And Ven sulks, because he really likes flowers. The next dress by Budhu was a complete mess. And the bottom skirt part used that oh-so familiar fanning rose technique that we’ve seen in damn near every design he’s done. He was in the bottom two, but saved. The judges have never commented on Budhu doing the fan technique too often, but it hasn’t gone noticed. Heidi Klum warned him to stop it, or else! (It’s rich that Budhu has attacked others for “doing the same thing” all the time.)

Fabio Costa – His look was not something I loved nor hated. He was safe. I think the most interesting thing was that he does have a very strong artistic side, and wanted to create a “chaotic” pattern. In the end, his pattern had images of male and female anatomy. But he didn’t ever reveal whether this was done on purpose or just something he saw was there in the end. Either way, he wasn’t bothered by it.

Sonjia Williams – I loved her pants and her simple black top was even amazing!

P.S. Mondo has recently designed 2 bags for HP.

P.S.S. I forget who said something was like a “futuristic Joan Crawford” but thought it was such a great comment.

Photo: Lifetime

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