Quelle drama! If the point of this Project Runway challenge was to make everyone crazy by working in two big teams, it worked. If the point was to also have some nice clothes, they more or less succeeded. Kinda. Eh.

project runway season 10

Ven Budhu has been using the same technique for everything. Dmitry Sholokov was adorable when mis-remembering the phrase for “one trick pony” by calling him a “one way monkey.” Same thing, really. It might help if he was a little humble, ever.

Elena Slivnyak made her team go crazy by being bossy. I’m also so over her own one note design technique of layering fabric and making pronounced shoulders all the time. No one’s shoulders need that much attention. When Tim Gunn has a comment about “ole” I thought he’d be talking about her jacket.

But we can’t deny that Raul Osorio was the weakest link, by far. He also wasn’t a team player. I’m glad he’s once again gone from sight. Now this time…stay this way.

My favorite piece was the blue dress by Melissa Fleiss, and I really feel surprised by how often she turns something amazing out for us.

The best part of the entire episode was probably when Melissa and some others were referring to some of the men as the Silk Chiffony’s, because they tend to only work with chiffon. What they pointed out is that women don’t wear chiffon that much, especially for a work-related outfit challenge! but a lot of these designers are not thinking practically for a women’s body, that’s just a fact.

During judging, Heidi Klum wore a lot of necklaces. Gunnar Deatherage got teased for his souffle boob dress, no one liked Raul’s top, but everyone liked Melissa’s dress.

What did you think of Melissa’s blue dress? Would you have voted for Elena or Raul to leave? Is Alicia Hardesty just skating by? Do you suddenly find yourself liking Dmitry more?

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