There were no major fashion pitfalls, and therefore no eliminations! But we’re all just waiting for Alicia Hardesty to be outed so the competition can be deadly serious, right?

Possibly the most important challenge yet, this week had Project Runway season 10 contestants designing a dress (cocktail or evening gown – their pick) to fit in with Lord and Taylor. Their dress design had to be true to their aesthetic while also being able to fit in with the Lord and Taylor style.

Melissa Fleis – She had already done a similar high necklace for the Marie Claire challenge, so this seemed like a bit of a cheat. I also thought that the dress was too tight and clingy to the model, and as the judges noticed, the asymmetrical hemline in the back was far too dramatic. (Like a fish tail.) Melissa continues to be a winner in my eyes, both in personality and design style.

Alicia Hardesty – I would have been harder on her final product than the judges were. I mean, a box pleat in the front and back? That could be vulgar, not to mention unflattering to most body types. It looked a lot like some sport uniform. Alicia says she can’t design feminine dresses, but no one had asked her to. I don’t like her style, or her attitude towards herself. (Her attitude in general is nice though. She’s obviously a sweet woman.)

Christopher Palu – He took a big chance at doing his special technique once again. I don’t think he needed to do it, a pale pink top on a gown like that (the train was great) was still special and refined. Christopher is nice and stylish, so I really have grown to adore him. I think he could make it to the final three for sure.

Dmitry Sholokov – Starting out the season as someone I thought was overly cocky, Dmitry has transformed in the most recent episodes to show he has a pretty big heart. Did you hear how he’d wanted to help Melissa with her dress but he had no extra time? He’s still confident, but he’s so much more of a nicer, soft teddy bear than I’d initially thought. Plus, he’s immensely talented! His structured silver dress was incredibly great. I think it should have been in the top.

Elena Slivnyak – I wasn’t a big fan of her harness baby doll dress until the judges mentioned it was very French. Suddenly, I could see myself wearing a chignon and strutting around an art gallery in this!

Fabio Costa – His wonderful asymmetrical black dress won over the judges and me.

Gunnar Deathrrage – This short black cocktail dress wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great.

Sonjia Williams – After someone mentioned how 80’s her dress seemed, all I could see was 80’s. I was so glad she was safe, though.

Ven Budhu – Not just because I loathe his personality, but I thought this dress should have been in the bottom. He uses this same pattern all of the time. And on this particular dress, in black, it looked like some weird plantar’s foot fungus growing on a woman.

Palu won. No one was eliminated.

What were your thoughts about the dresses?

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