Manipulated little black dresses ruled the runway on Project Runway season 10 last night.

That is, while there was also an unfortunate zebra print and hot pink smock option, what the judges praised and put in the top three were three similar LBD type looks.

The top three: Christopher Palu, Dmitry Sholokhov, Sonjia Williams (Winner)

The bottom three: Buffi Jashanmal (Out), Fabio Costa, Raul Osorio

I absolutely agree with giving Sonjia the win. I really think she might win Project Runway season 10, for realsies. And her look really did balance a sexy/conservative/day-to-night/comfort look all in one! Dmitry Sholokov is great at sewing and he’s very polished, but he needs to think a little outside of the box. His look was well-constructed, but a bit of a snooze. (Making that dress in literally any other color might have earned him the win. But he’s addicted to drab blacks, so we’ll never see that happen.) As for Christopher Palu, his look was divine (Amen!) and I really like his personality. I also hope to see him in the top 3 of PR this season. Git r done, Palu!

Melissa Fleis was a bit overlooked, because I actually would have put her look over Dmitry’s, it was much more unique. You know that somewhere April Johnston was weeping over not owning that outfit.

Much as I adored Buffi’s accent and personality, I’ve never liked her style and her dress was appalling. Raulo Osorio’s look was only an ounce better, though. I dislike him so much – he’s cocky and he lacks the talent to back it up. I was shocked at Fabio Costa being in the bottom, though! No, it wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t hate the look! I thought the choice of pattern was very “him.”

Sonjia Williams and Christopher Palu - could they be our final 2?

Rachel Roy was one of the guest judges, and she was impressive and clever as always. (She looked so refined/casual, I wanted to go dig up some pearls to wear today. I even have really great lavender pearl earring studs I could have worn.. but can we be honest about the fact I’m in yoga gear and the messiest bun ever right now?)

The other guest judge was Hayden Panettiere, who I have a soft spot for.  (Don’t you miss Heroes?! Tim Kring, hi!) She has a new show called Nashville this fall, which also stars the super-powered and super-beautiful Connie Britton. It’s basically Country Strong: the TV show, but I’ll still watch. Panettiere is very fashion-forward, and she gave smart constructive criticism. I liked that she noted that even looking at what Buffi was wearing, she could tell the taste level was …well, bad.

It was great to see Panettiere ask Sonjia Williams to wear her design on a red carpet event. Not only was it nice and will be great publicity, but I think people will praise Panettiere for seeing the talent in what might be the Project Runway season 10 winner, before she won! (Yes, I am all in on this bet!) It’s also a smart way for celebs to do a bit of multi-tasking. I’m sure Hayden works with a stylist, but when you see a great piece you might as well grab at it, especially if you have first dibs. It’s not easy to always find a great dress for the red carpet, and Panettiere knows this is something she can wear that is: unique, good for day or early evening, and flattering for her figure.

I love the idea of celebrities using the runway as their personal shopping experience and I think Fashion Star should have gone one step further and had their reality show more like that – with well-known celebrities and their stylists bidding against each other for the best wares. I want to see Kristen Bell getting passionate over a plaid romper, and Leighton Meester getting hot and bothered for a platform pump covered in mirror shards. It’d be like.. a celebrity, real-time eBay auction of sorts, and you know you’d watch it.

Often when there is a challenge to create something for a celebrity client, I worry that the client won’t like any looks and will have to settle with something. So it’s really rewarding when the guest judge isn’t obligated to wear anything, but still decides to inquire about it. So, thank you Hayden!

Obviously, I’m very much on Team Sonjia and Team Christopher – but who are you loving? And who are you hating?!

I think Gunnar Deatherage is a brat.

P.S. Almost forgot to comment about how Andrea Katz and Kooan Kosuke left. Well, I mean, it’s tricky. It’s an injustice to the show and the other designers who wanted to be there. At the same time? No one can prepare for the pressure of the show. You might think you can handle it only to realize… hey, it’s cray cray and you need to bail. At least (and this is mean to say) neither of them seemed like they were so great that losing them is a major loss. Neither of them were going to win, and they knew that.

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