Don’t go any further unless you’ve already seen Project Runway “Candy Couture” Season 10 Episode 2! Spoilers below!

We had the unconventional challenge of creating outfits out of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar, which was one of those “why haven’t they done this one before” moments. Candy is fun. And I laughed when I saw people eating some of their material because…. I mean, how tempting!

These days, the judges will okay your idea if you decide to simply glue the items onto fabric. But if you try to use one of the items as your fabric, you’re screwed. And this is a grey area, because at what point can we say… listen, they’re ALL just hot gluing licorice to muslin?

The top three: Ven Budhu, Sonjia Williams, Gunnar Deatheradge

The bottom three: Lantie Foster, Buffi Jashanmal, Elena Slivnyak


  • Alicia Hardesty, whose licorice overalls perplexed me and looked awful.
  • Andrea Katz and her really uninspired apron piece. I expected so much more from her!
  • Christopher Palu who did a great rock candy dress. I would have bumped this up over Gunnar’s dress, to be honest.
  • Dmitry Sholokhov with his simple “beading” effect was amazing.
  • Fabio Costa did a dress that was rightly safe – not outstanding but not poor.
  • Kooan Kosuke made a playful dress that I respected because there was art in it.
  • Nathan Paul created a mini Marie Antoinette hoop style skirt that was … cute. Katy Perry would wear it.
  • Raul Osorio did an interested dress with the newest trend callback of baring a mid-drift.
  • Melissa Fleis used black licorice for leather, blah blah. It was okay, but not amazing.

Win: Ven Budhu

Why does one of the best designers have one of the worst personalities? He’s so pompous! I mean, it’s definitely arrogance, not confidence. I also wonder why we’ve seen this abstract rose motif both times from him. Does he have more in him? Not to say I didn’t love his looks so far, I just don’t want it to be one-note. And I actually would have given the win to Sonjia Williams because she created something that used more materials and really embraced the candy idea. I also thought the construction of her dress took a bigger risk.

Out: Lantie Foster

I wanted her to be booted after that first challenge! She’s just not good. And she’s not a designer. She’s not even good at judging what is pretty. And her bad attitude just makes it all the worse.

Elena should have used black licorice, and I bet she would have been safe. It was the color that killed her.

Buffi… seems lovely, but I don’t like her aesthetic of 80’s Punky Brewster. Still, I didn’t hate her look all that much. I thought

Random thoughts:

  • Will it be Buffi, Kooan, Andrea or Alicia who gets kicked off next, do you think? I then predict we’ll lose Elena, Fabio, Nathan. Leaving us with Christopher, Gunnar, Melissa, Ven, Dmitry and Sonjia. Those are who I think the top six and top five will be… We’ll lose Christopher Or Gunnar, and then probably Melissa…  So I the Project Runway season 10 winner will likely be Ven, Dmitry or Sonjia.
  • Does Melissa remind you of happier-looking April Johnston?
  • Would Beatrice Guapo have done better at this challenge than some of the other people who were safe?
  • Will Ven lose his ego? Will Dmitry?
  • Are Christopher and Gunnar really that similar?
  • Who do you want to win? I vote for Sonjia.
  • Lantie Foster was the worst ever. Bad attitude, bad fashion, ugh. She had, I’m sorry, permanent bitch face.

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