Don’t go any further unless you’ve already seen Project Runway “Welcome back (or not) to the Runway!” Season 10 Episode 3! Spoilers below!

What we had was (and this is a mouthful) a Lexus sponsored(?), team challenge involving the Emmy red carpet and former winners/competitors of Project Runway. No one seemed to be annoyed about the color their Lexus was, but that could be because car colors are all pretty safe, even with a Lexus. (I know next to nothing about cars, so maybe a Lexus is predictable like that. Either way: the color was a non issue.) However, while some partnerships were perfect (Dmitry and Melissa) others flailed (Elena and Buffi.)

When it came time to meet their clients, none of them were very difficult (ever) except for Irina Shabayeva. Talented though she may be, who would want to work with such a bossy diva? Certainly not Gunnar and Kooan! (I felt worse for Kooan.)

Anya Ayoung-Chee, Laura Bennett, Mila Hermanovski, Valerie Mayen (love her, miss her!), April Johnston (purple hair!), and Kenley Collins were the other clients, and all behaved admirably.

In the end, we had….

Fabio Costa and Ven Budhu for Kenley Collins – Navy Grace Kelly Day Dress

It was a pretty dress, but again we get the same structured folding technique from Ven, making me think that’s all he can do. A short dress like that is tough for the Emmy’s. Kenley looked great, but I personally think the color was a little too dark… I know I should love this dress more than I do.

Nathan Paul and Sonjia Williams for Valerie Mayen – Sparkly golden column with deep v-neck.

The savvy Krysten Ritter can be seen on "Don't Trust the B in Apt 23" - which we highly recommend!

The V-neck should have been more dramatic, me thinks! This was an okay dress… but somehow just not perfect. This is where understanding of different body types can be handy. Valerie is a slim girl, but she’s got curves. And this particular golden fabric somehow didn’t flatter them the way others might have smoothly gone over her hips. If a dress makes any woman look larger than she is, they aren’t going to like it… I think I would have given the win to this pair, though. Valerie was happy, and the dress was interesting (because of the sequined fabric, and the structured sleeves.)

Dmitry Sholokov and Melissa Fleis for April Johnston – Slinky platinum dress with a plunging back.

They were safe, and that was fine by me. It wasn’t a horrible dress, but I did not like it. Why? It felt about an inch too short, the sleeves were too long, and the low waistline made April’s body look out of proportion. This might have been fixed just by taking off the sleeves, though. I thought it worked great with her purple hair.

Gunnar Deatherade and Kooan Kosuke for Irina Shabayeva – The White Cleopatra with high necklace and silver choker.

The model, and both designers kind of hated this dress. So it was weird when it was the winning design. Irina Shablahblahbitchy couldn’t help but point out to the judges that their sewing skills left a lot to be desired. She had been so ready to hate on the dress – she was eager to do it. I didn’t like this dress very much, there was not a lot to it. Without the necklace, it was nothing. I saw none of Kooan in the dress.

Alicia Hardesty and Raul Osorio for Mila Hermanovski – The black Amish-cut dress with pop star hair.

We bet Kenley thinks Rachel Berry owes all her style tips to her. Speaking of.. have you entered our Glee giveaway yet?

This was a basic black dress that was … so sad. It did not flatter Mila’s bodytype at all. The call to put a horrible hair extension on her was the final straw in the coffin. This was definitely one of the worst looks, and either of them could have been booted. I’m glad it was the unmemorable Raul, because he kept talking about how he hated the idea of red carpet and it’s hard for me to understand a fashion designer who doesn’t like to design elegant/nighttime wear! (They’re out there, I accept them, I just don’t understand them.) I’m not a fan of Hardesty’s looks, although I admire her work ethic. And at least she wasn’t the one who put the rat tail on Mila.

Andrea Katz and Christopher Palu for Anya Ayoung-Chee – The boring brown affair with a high slit and overworked cowl neckline.

Though Palu loves fur, I can’t help but love him more and more. He’s got good style, he’s respectful, and he’s passionate. Plus, he’s talented! Andrea is … like a cool old lady that I’d want to know, but obviously she’s not great to work with. What she said backstage was that if she was kicked off, it would be a “relief” and I think she really didn’t like the pressure or have any intention of dealing with it. This is why she never hurried herself, and why she took off in the middle of the night during the competition, outing herself. She’s not bad. But she didn’t want it enough. The dress design was bad, got mixed all around, had too high a slit… it was just a mess.

Buffy Jashamal and Elena Slivnyak for Laura Bennett – The long black dress with sheer pleating, a high neck and cap sleeves. Like formal underwear by Hot Topic.

It wasn’t bad, but it was somehow, sad. And drab. And perfect for a funeral. I saw absolutely none of Buffi in this dress. I saw only Elena. And Elena is a brat and a half. I really dislike Elena for how she treated Buffi.

We predict Ven Budhu will be in the final 3 for Project Runway season 10.

P.S. Mila’s geometric earrings on Project Runway were by Sarah Loertscher. Weren’t they fabulous?

P.S.S. Krysten Ritter was a great judge, I loved how blunt she was. And we hope to see her at the Emmy’s soon because her show Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 is really good!

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