As a Project Runway season 10 guest judge, Dylan Lauren seemed to enjoy sharing her candy-colored view of the world.

dylan laurenDylan’s Candy Bar was the spot the season 10 contestants were taken to in order to get supplies for the Project Runway unconventional challenge.

Later, Dylan was also a guest judge.

Based on the bright colors she wore (and the inside of her store) it was apparent that Dylan is a fan of mixing together luxury with a big dose of fun.

As a judge, she was enthusiastic and opinionated. She agreed with the judges that she liked people who really used the candy in unusual ways, rather than using actual fabric materials. And when she would comment that she liked people who used more different kinds of candy, it didn’t seem like it was in the interest of self-promotion. No, instead, it was that to use more kinds of candy (and make it look cohesive) was just the sign of a stronger creative mind.

dylan laurenOut of the top three (Gunner Deatheradge, Sonjia Williams, Ven Budhu) she was torn between Sonjia’s aquatic look and Ven’s artistic one. Sonjia used more types of candy, which she liked. But in the end, the win went to Ven.

What did you think of Dylan as a guest judge?

P.S. Yes, she’s daughter to the Ralph Lauren. And yes, that makes me jealous because she probably gets the most amazing clothes, can you even imagine… okay, done, I’m done!

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