anthony project runway

Charming Anthony Williams had the winning look, and it deserved to win if for being the only look that was truly designed, and not just a copy of something we’ve seen a million times!  For the cover they’d do better to crop it around the thigh, but if Heidi Klum works her angles – it might work cropped even higher. The only complaints to be had about this look are that the makeup could be more powerful, and the Bluefly accessories wall could have been used more thoughtfully ;p If he’d had more time, I would have loved to see it lined with a darker shade of blue that peeked out under the folds. (Related: Shop Aqua EVERYTHING for Spring 2010)

jay nicholas

Jay Nicholas was the big surprise for me – and I thought he should have taken one of the top three spots. I love what he did, and it would be a perfect cover look. Maybe instead of white a different color – but it’s great for a cover crop! It moved amazingly, any full-body shoots in the inside menu would have been fantastic… ugh! Little birdies tell me that Jay Nicholas is the Project Runway winner of this season!

jonathan peters

I am intrigued by everything Zach Quinto aka Jonathan Peters does on Project Runway. His was the only thing truly different and also amazing at the same time. The piece moves like BUTTAH, darling. Put Klum on the cover in this, hands on her hips, cropped at mid-thigh and you’ve got a powerful cover indeed.

Sirlinksalot: Project Runway