The reason I like the few reality TV shows I do, is because they’re stress-free and fun to watch. Sure, Project Runway sometimes off’s someone that upsets me, or I worry someone won’t make the runway on time – but it’s never truly stressed or annoyed me. Until, that is, last night.

Now, it doesn’t help that I was watching Project Runway “There is an I in Team” on For some unknown reason, they filled each commercial break moment with the exact same Garnier Fructis “Wavy Hair is great for you no matter who you are – buy all of our products!” spot. I wouldn’t have minded seeing it three times, but geez. At this point, the last thing I will do at the store is reach for anything by Garnier, because I’m weirdly spiteful that way. But what can I say, now that brand is associated with frustration and annoyance for me. (Not my fault!)

See, it’s not just that the spot aired something like seven times, it’s that the show would play no problem, but the 50 second commercial spots supported by Tremor Media and Eye Wonder would lag so badly that to get through those few seconds it would take up to three minutes. That’s just like watching the show on TV with the normal commercials! And at least then you can hear what they’re saying – with the lag the speech was so choppy I couldn’t stand it.

Already annoyed, I couldn’t believe when this episode turned out to be the most frustrating and annoying one ever. Maybe Lifetime thought we wanted to see all of that drama. But, ugh! I used to like Gretchen – because at least her style and talent saved her. But now I am disgusted. Which is exactly how Tim Gunn felt, and I’m glad he said something. I really would have liked to see more about what Gunn felt – I know he shot his own video interviews for each episode but so far the show has hardly used them at all.

I didn’t like either collection much. I’ve seen menswear for women in camel, and I never want to see military and lace again. Aesthetically, I think I liked team Luxe more. But in looking at each piece – I have to think again about whether I like any of them. The thing that really made me laugh was the Grandpa sweater. I hate those – unless you’re actually a Grandpa who’s wearing them. They’re never flattering, and belting it like they did  just makes it voluminous and weird.

Michael Costello is awful and he never should have won immunity. But he did because life isn’t fair, and Heidi Klum has got to be angry about her horrible Mom shag haircut, right? I mean, she knows it looks bad and she just wants to take it out on everyone by making ridiculous decisions, yea? Uuuh. Moving on! A.J. was equally awful, so it’s good he went home. Or at least it doesn’t bother me very much because his insecurities were accurate for the amount of talent he had.

What really did  bother me is how Costello thinks he’s so good, and the judges think he’s so good – when he’s actually awful. Anyone else love how how Gretchen was the one to bring up how no one would name anyone on the runway, and she was the first to start the trend of admitting the truth that Michael C. was the weak link.Yea, that was precious. So was her back-peddling that went from praising her collection and saying, ““I feel like I’m in every [garment], even if I’m not the one sewing” to, “everybody sucked.”

The winner was Casanova. It seemed like a pity vote because it was one.

Let us leave our thoughts on this episode with the magnificent warning that Tim Gunn gave our designers, “I have a few words for Team Luxe. I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway. I don’t get it. I don’t know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control, and bully you. I don’t understand it.” And let’s face it, Tim understands just about everything in this world!