The Project Runway designs for the Radio City Rockettes were more miss than hit.

Interestingly, the producers must have been worried about how awful the designs were looking because halfway through the challenge they were allowed to go back to Mood.


Christopher Palu – He took home the win with this design.I think it was very nice, but I do question how pretty it is on so many dancers all at once or from afar. I love the idea he had, and his styling was perfect. But I think it’s better up close and on one person at a time. I’m also very curious about the opaque fabric and what happens if a woman with a larger bust wears this top. Will it look wonky? Will there be a nip slip? Again, that’s why I think it needs to be on a very specific kind of girl – like the model above. Someone thin and with a small bust, you know? But the judges decided to go with the more fashionable and unique look and gave Palu the win over Dmitry. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palu! I’m just not sure if I agree with his win this time.

Ven Budhu – He was dubbed the “Origami Rose.” When he can’t do his origami roses, he can’t seem to do much of anything. This was so boring! The best thing here was the shoes.

Elena S – She found her way into the bottom 3 with this cheerleader look. It even seemed like the proportions were off.  See, in trying not to be herself, Elena had no clue what to do. She should have done something that she would have liked. As Dmitry said, why do something you hate?

Sonjia Williams – I love her, but I agree with the judges that this should have been in the bottom 3. This is what Michael Kors (I believe) dubbed a “disco turkey.” This was so boxy! If only she’d changed the neckline a bit, it would have been 50% more pleasing to the eyes.

Dmitry Sholokov – Having a dancing background helped him do well in this challenge. (He was a competitive ballroom dancer.) He was so smart to use fringe – I’m so surprised no one else did. My biggest complaint might be that I personally don’t love blue and black. The judges were also worried if this was perhaps too risque for family shows.

Fabio Costa – His design was deemed safe. I absolutely adored the skirt part. It’s the top section that gives me pause. If he’d taken out the under layer of the top part.. minus the fact there’d be no control for breasts, it’d have been a pretty okay design. As it is, she’s like a gloomy gladiator.

Melissa Fleis – I feel like she was in the top 3… but it wasn’t something highly considered by the judges. They liked the color and the sparkle, though. At least they did mention how structured this dance outfit seemed to be. But no one called Melissa out on how she keeps using that same neckline technique. It was way too short, and how did she not see there was a giant “1” on the front?

Project Runway Season 10 Recap
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