Tim Gunn wore a referee outfit! Tim Gunn wore a REFERRE OUTFIT.  It proves his up for …anything. What a good sport. And speaking of sports…

helen castillo

This Project Runway episode kicked off (I can’t stop with the puns) with a sporty obstacle course. The winners got to pick their fabric first, and an additional hour of work. This honor went to Dom and Justin.

The challenge was to create something for the line of: Heidi Klum for New Balance.

heidi klum 2014

helen castillo

helen castillo

kate pankoke

In the workroom, we had a bit of drama between Ken and Helen. Ken has attitude about everything, he’s …angry! Defensive? Prickly? Maybe he just was cranky from the obstacle course, because does anyone actually like doing those? Even sporty people are like…’eh.’ (I know at least one sporty person and that’s what they told me.)

The dramz happened when Helen snuck out to ask Tim if she could be smart and reference pant examples they were given as references. He says yes, and that it would indeed be very smart. (I thought he was going to call her out as lazy or cheating and my breathe stopped for a second, because a stern word from Ze Gunn is so tough!)

When Helen returned, she didn’t want to tell Ken or anyone else what she’d asked. But Ken started going ballistic and Helen actually fessed up – something I didn’t thinks he needed or should do. But then she went for extra dramatics, deciding her life was at stake, and going back out to tattle on Ken for being rude to her. Tim said they’d be watching (like they weren’t already?) and not to worry. Later, Tim talked to Ken and peace was restored to the workroom.

heidi klum black dress

heidi klum braid


All you need to know about when Tim and Heidi Klum went to check on the progress is that Klum gave a thumb’s up to Alexandria’s drop-crotch active pants. Because who doesn’t want to run 5 miles in a skirt/skort hybrid that makes you look like you dropped a load mid-run?!

Unsurprisingly, none of the other judges liked Alexandria’s style. But I was incredibly glad that Tim Gunn was there to point out that “what else is a poor designer to do when…” Klum has said that’s something she likes, and it’s an item for Klum’s active line. Alexandria went off of with direct positive reinforcement from a judge! Luckily, she was safe. She’s also my pick to win this whole thing.


project runway new balance

Heidi Klum new balance 2013

helen castillo new balance

Helen made an amazing look, especially with a jacket that covers the behind and the thighs, and won. Kate Pancake, as I call her, also had a top look with a great style.  I’d be okay if Kate won, I love her ideas a lot… And her hair. That side-swept bangs with a long, low pony was a look I want to recreate so badly! Basically, who doesn’t want to take fashion advice from a designer who always looks so chic? It’s a perfect indication of a brand that could be built as strong as Stella McCartney or at least Rachel Zoe.

Ken and Karen were in the bottom, Ken’s look reminded everyone of a Tina Turner dress, and a scuba suit. Fail.

Poor Karen who looks like Drew Barrymore (and sounds like her too) was eliminated for … being a mess. A hot mess, if you will.

P.S. Zac Posen had an amazing quote about “I’m so over harnesses” which… I can’t stop smiling about.

Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop, because I asked you to. Kisses.

Project Runway Recap 2013