Who knew you’d love a 1930’s Star Spangled Banner dress? It turned out to be the best dress from this episode.

heidi klum style

Heidi Klum in killer style. Photo: Lifetime.

Project Runway Recap -”Next Generation”

The Project Runway Challenge

The HP Intel Textile Challenge! With inspiration of next generation innovators – aka inspiring people who are doing future-y stuff. They got to meet their inspirational person for an hour. Maybe they picked their brains and helped inspire the next big thing…? Nah.

“Believe it or not, I could be out tomorrow.” – Helen Castillo

“I’m sick of taking second place.” – Kate Pankoke

“Honestly, I’m not that inspiring by cakes…” – Alexander Pope

The Project Runway Workroom

Right away, Alexander feels defeated. He thinks everyone took away great, artistic stories but him. And I want to shake him to say that …his guy wasn’t saving the world, but he was creating pretty new types of pastry and cakes…and he can get into that. I mean, exploding and spinning cakes? That’s not exactly BORING.

Instead, Alexander takes inspiration from some decoration on top of a cake. It doesn’t seem like he’s honoring this challenge.

Kate has a great idea of using binary code, but making it hard to tell what it is until you’re close up.

Alexandria has been inspired by bricks. …Okay.

Brandon has a great idea of using fast, blurred lines to represent his guy on his bike.

“I thought it was cool, it looked like a worm.” – Bradon McDonald, on fabric choice

When the textiles they designed arrived…I instantly disliked most of them. Yikes. I was intrigued by Helen’s with these graphic stars floating in white space.

“I’m just perplexed. I don’t get it.” – Tim Gunn

“My last name’s ‘McDonald’ and I don’t make dresses out of French fries.” – Brandon McDonald

“Just go with your viscera, it’s why it’s there.” – Tim Gunn

“I’m gonna be like a worried Dad all night.” – Tim Gunn

“Helen is having her normal fit again, she doesn’t know what to do.” – Alexandria von Brommsen

What we learned during this segment is that Helen annoys the other competitor’s by being so insecure and asking their opinions about every step. And, apparently, this has been going on the entire competition. Damn, Helen. She can’t have her hand held through each challenge. Alexdandria said she was, basically, a time sucker. And I can see how frustrating that would be.

“She looks like a giant tampon, yea?” – Alexandria von Brommsen on Kate’s look

Project Runway Judging

alexander-pope brandon-mcdonald dom-streater helen-castillo justin-leblanc kate-pankoke

“It’s really hard to look at.” – Heidi Klum

“She looks like a cult leader. Of chocolate” – Zac Posen

I think Brandon did well, as did Justin, Kate, Dom, Helen.

For the bad… Alexander and his Pope dress, Alexandria.

Top: Dom Streater, Bradon McDonald, Helen Castillo

Bottom: Justin LeBlanc, Alexander Pope, Kate Pankoke

Top: Dom

Out: Alexander, Kate

I am furious, guys! I LOVED Kate’s aesthetic, and just…everything. I really feel sad that she’s out now! Anyone else agree? That sucks.

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