project runway anthony

In the overlooked category, we LOVED Anthony William’s designs for the most recent episode of Project Runway “A Little Bit of Fashion”. A kid would wear that. And a Mom would wear that. I think this should have been one of the top three!

emilio sosa

And in the overlooked category for WORST designs…Emilio Sosa did…this. I don’t like either of these ooks. Is the child supposed to be Amish and attending an Easter parade where they had to wear their older sister’s old clothing? And the Mom dress…it’s…it looks very…shorten it, or give it more of a neckline, or change the color…right now it looks like something the controlling Tom Cruise would mandate Katie Homes wear. Not to mention, it’s incredibly boring. Put that cute little girl in high heels and it’s Katie Holmes with daughter  Suri Cruise!

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