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Tim Gunn is kind of my hero. / Lifetime

It’s a cold, Monday morning and it’s time to discuss (with somber hearts and eyes or whatever) what happened on Project Runway last Thursday. As you might be guessing already, I was not happy with the choice to put Mila Hermanovski forward to Fashion week and oust Jay Nicholas Sario. After both of them had received 9,000 and four months to create, create, create – to then be kicked as a contender has to suck super hardcore. I wonder if they offer free therapy to contestants kicked this close to their final goal? It’s kind of a tease to make them both feel they have a good chance of going forward, more so than when they would eliminate people week-by-week.

What’s more, from what we saw in that episode, I feel like Emilio Sosa should be kicked entirely because his clothing was horrible. What we saw of Jay’s stuff looked so innovative and creative – I wish we could have seen more. Mila’s stuff is okay, but it does feel kind of predictable and like I’ve seen it all before. I liked what Seth Aaron was doing, but then Timm Gunn told him to redesign everything – so who KNOWS what we’ll actually see on the runway. I’m pretty excited to find out. I don’t love his stuff for me personally, but I really love them in general.

Why was Jay Nicholas kicked and Mila picked? (Why does this rhyme so well?)

During judging, it seemed that Heidi Klum was not a fan of what Jay had done, in that he continually does things that accent women’s hips – which look cool – but no real woman wants to wear. Mila’s clothing is more wearable to more people. Michael Kors was rooting for Jay, and Nina was on the fence for a while before deciding upon Mila.

Now, upon my own further investigation of looking at the pictures close-up, I have decided that I definitely would prefer to wear what Mila made, versus what Jay made. You can argue that she, and Seth Aaron, are using a ton of black – but that’s really what a lot of the fashionable people wear. I think fashion collections need to have color, but you also do need to stay true to who you are as a designer. All of the black can get a BIT boring, though.

For Mila, I think I would wear this jacket of hers – although it’s not super exciting.

For Jay Nicholas, I love his structured dress, though I doubt I could pull it off as well as those super thin models.

So, who would YOU have picked? Are you glad Mila will be a contestant for the finale?

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